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AM Insystec Organizations today are continuously challenged on several fronts. To remain competitive in the face of highly discerning and demanding customers, they must on the one hand anticipate customer requirements, and on the other hand, keep costs low to stay profitable. Many large organizations tackle this problem by distributing operations to take advantage of location specific advantages like availability of raw materials, labor cost, economies of scale and infrastructure. Such decentralized organizations depend on effective coordination between their different operational locations and with their customers to ensure timely and effective decision making. Organizations have also flattened management structures and empowered employees with multi-functional roles to respond swiftly to changes in the external environment. Much greater emphasis is now placed on individual responsibility and accountability. The individual in the organization now has greater responsibility; more decision making power and more creativity and freedom to work effectively. It is impossible to manage such lean and distributed enterprises without the effective use of information technology. The information systems (IS) in an organization must be designed to mirror real world business functions. While most organizations are, in general, organized along similar lines, details vary at the operational level. The IS for an enterprise should thus handle the complexities across organizations and at the same time be flexible enough to adapt to changes. It must be able to synchronize enterprise functions by streamlining activities across the value chain. In other words, organizations today need a generic solution that is unrestrictive, irrespective of the methods employed within the organization. An enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution that goes beyond transaction automation and integrates information while managing disparate IS needs and infrastructure is the obvious solution.
AM Insystec
serves a group of clientele through its development center, business office and call centers in different locations of Eastern India.
AM Insystec
meets the diverse requirements of its customers through its skilled software and hardware professionals, armed with state-of-the-art hardware and software resources.
AM Insystec
, Kolkata, has been collaborating with WEBEL Technology Ltd. and CMC Ltd., a wholly owned subsidiary of West Bengal Electronics Industry Development Corporation, Govt. of West Bengal undertaking, the nodal agency for facilitating Information Technology Software development in the state of West Bengal. At present Foreign Projects.
AM Insystec
, specializes in the design and development of high-quality customized software, at very reasonable and affordable prices, which help our customers create an outstanding presence that complements their company's identity.


We believe in :

  Implement complex solutions for our clients.
  Build and maintain long-term relationship with select clients.
  Deliver functional and technical implementation services in an
     integrated manner, and

  Develop a team of professionals working as a team for the
     success of clients, the organization and themselves.


Customer above all else
Our People - Our Assets
Quality and our commitment to excellence
Socially responsible
Teamwork and Co-operation
Unquestionable integrity