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Software System Process

Our development process: AM Insystec follows a mature and time tested process to develop all its projects; this process reduces project risks and development time. The process helps in focusing on business solutions instead of technical solutions so that you can fully concentrate on business goals. We follow spiral iterative methodology and waterfall development process where the entire software development project cycle has to go through one or more iterations of all project stages. We have defined processes for project planning, analysis, design, development, testing, deployment, and maintenance.

Project Planning and information gathering:
Determining business application goal High level requirement document Technical recommendations High level requirement specification Analysis Software Requirement Specification Use Case specification & diagram Requirement Traceability matrix.

Architectural Diagrams High level and Low level class diagram Entity relationship diagram Data flow diagram Deployment diagram Wireframes Test Plan .

System Development:
Application source code Documentation Unit test case results.

Test cases User acceptance criteria Deployment Environment Unit Test Integration Test Acceptance Report .

Deployment and Maintenance:
Integrated application Deployment plan Deployment environment Transition to maintenance team Deployed application Archived software artifacts