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AM Insystec was formed in the year 2001 by a team of professionals with a proven track record. The professionals of the organization are qualified in various disciplines such as Computer Science, Engineering, Business Management, Chartered Accountancy etc. The team is dedicated in optimizing resources and efforts to ensure best possible services. We strive in AM Insystec to provide consultancy of the highest quality, price performant services and leading edge software solutions to domestic and international market. We offer Customized Business Productivity Suite of software that addresses all business areas including Financials, Production Planning & Control, Materials, Sales, Payroll, Maintenance and Human Resources mainly on the DBMS & RDBMS platforms. To implement our software solutions, we have designed our implementation package to ensure smooth implementation and enables you derive the full benefits of AM Insystecís Business Productivity Suite at the earliest possible stages of the implementation process. It provides a structured forum for sharing with your organization the rich set of advanced business practices available with us. One key activity of implementation is the formation of cross-functional teams from both sides who will work closely together during the implementation process. We recognize that good quality post-implementation support is very important for our continued growth and survival in the global market. To achieve this, we are continuously upgrading our support infrastructure that includes a Help Desk, Internet e-mail network. In addition we keep adding qualified and trained support personnel to our Onsite Support Team. When you choose us, you get your ordered Business application, which is complete, user-friendly documentation and training along with the software.

We allow our customers to :-

Reduce their operation costs
Focus on their core competence
Expand their market reach
Implement Global operating model
Increase profit margins
Increase Global Skills

Stringent quality standards, exceptional skilled resources and a reputation of exceeding customer's expectations are only a few attributes, which define our company's capabilities. AM Insystec believes in investing in the future - in people, technology, and infrastructure. It is engaged in solving the crinkum-crankum with an ardent passion to enhance and enliven the next generation of technology. Following are the major focus areas.

What distinguishes AM Insystec from other organisations?

It is self-motivating and dependable.
It quickly identifies needs and problems and then provides solutions.
It participates in path breaking innovative projects.
It plays a crucial role in helping India bring in novelties to become globally competitive
and reach the zenith of performance.